Update on the Bird Nest

Wise Word Texture Tuesday ~ April 30, 2013

Update on the Nest: The baby Robins are here ~ all 4 ~

She's been faithfully sitting on the nest, and now all 4 eggs have produced babies. I held the camera up and tried not to get too close so am hoping I did no harm by taking this picture. 

Not sure why, but the robin this spring decided to build her nest on our hose hanger in the back yard. Discovered it over the pretty weather on Saturday. Well actually, it was discovered when all the kids came to visit and were out mowing, cleaning up the wood pile, weed-eating the grass, etc. So on Sunday, I decided to take a snapshot of it to use for 'Word' Texture Tuesday for April 30th.  
Hoping they hatch before too long because I'll be needing to use the hose if the weather stays warm as it has been and the rain stops. 
Happpy Spring everyone!! and thanks for stopping by. Feel free to Scribble me a comment...those are the best!
For this week's Texture Tuesday, I applied kk-1402 from Kim Kassen's site, then I also applied a texture from and a frame from The Coffeeshop Blog site.

Today there are now 4 eggs, and this afternoon she's sitting on them. (see pic below).

~hugs 'n giggles~

Close up of the original

Original picture of the Robin's next on my hose hanger

Now this afternoon there are 4 eggs and she's sitting on them

~Update on Mommy Robin~

She continues to sit on the nest each day. Today seemed she was there most all day. I was curious as to which was sitting on the nest, the male or female; the female does most all the sitting. I located an article about the procedure of the Robin laying the eggs through the hatching process. http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/robin/EggstraEggstra.html

I showed the nest and the Robin sitting in it to the 6 yo grandbabykins when he visited today and instructed him not to disturb it and that we couldn't use the hose for the time being ~ he loves to play in grammy's water ~. Luckily, we have a hose also connected to the front of the house that he could use today in the warm weather to clean up his outside toys that he keeps at our house. He didn't seem that interested in the bird, and I don't think he'll have a problem with leaving her alone.

A nest from a few years ago that was empty in the Fall that the
4 year old grandbabykins was so interested in and wanted to know all about.